Interior Designer Salary

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Interior Designer Salary

If you have an eye for design and you can turn someone else’s vision into a reality, you may be the perfect interior designer. Interior designers do more than just pick out couches and drapes. They have to coordinate color schemes and come up with creative solutions that are livable for different types of clients. An interior designers must know how to assess the needs and the style preferences of their clients before they take on a project. While some designers are not picky with the jobs they take, others have are so desired that they must turn away projects that do not interest them. When you are looking for more than just a job you need to consider the nature of work, the salary you will earn, and the duties you will perform on a regular basis. Research the interior designer salary, the responsibilities of a designer, and what type of school you need to complete to decide if this is the right career move for you.


The Various Duties of an Interior Designer

Before you can compare interior designer salary ranges you need to understand what you will do on a daily basis. No salary is worth doing something you do not enjoy. The key to finding the perfect career is finding a field that you love. Many people say the best job is a job where you do not feel like you are working. An interior designer will plan, design, and furnish the inside of residential and commercial buildings. They will design the inside of a space so it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. When you work in the field, it is common to specialize in a specific area of design. Some designers love to work in kitchens while others prefer to focus on green design. The interior design wages you earn may vary depending on the specialty you choose.

What Type of Degree or Certificate Do You Need to Become an Interior Decorator?

While there are no requirements stating you must have a degree to enter the profession, the best way to snag a position as an entry-level interior designer is to earn your bachelor’s degree. If you are looking for an accredited program that is recognized by all of the best agencies in the world make sure you browse a list of programs published by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design or the National Council for Interior Design Accreditation. You can complete several different types of programs offered by several different types of institutions. Some of the programs are offered by:

  • State colleges
  • Private universities
  • Vocational schools
  • Apprenticeships
  • Art schools

The best schools will cover several different areas of study. These areas include: colors and fabrics, architecture, computer-aided design, ergonomics, drawing, ethics, psychology, perspective, and spatial planning. Each of these areas of study are important for interior designers.

0 Interior Designer Salary


How Much Will You Earn on your Interior Designer Salary?

Now that you understand what it takes to become an interior designer, you need to research the average interior designer salary so you can discover just how much you will make after you finish school and find your first job. Thanks to popular home improvement programs on TV, there is a growing demand for qualified interior decorators. Figures show that the employment in the field is expected to grow by as much as 20 percent by the year 2016. This means that the average wages for designers is only expected to grow. Currently, the average salary for an interior designer is $44,000 per year. This salary was reported only for salaried employees and not independent contractors.

What Factors Can Affect How Much You Earn?

As you may know, there are several different factors that will affect how much you earn in any profession. As an interior designer, one the the biggest influential factors is where you plan on working. You need to live in an area where people have a need for your services. Those who work in more affluent neighborhoods tend to make larger salaries. Another factor to consider is the size of the firm you will be working for. If you work for a large firm it does not always mean you will earn a larger interior designer salary. When there are more professionals on the payroll, it can drive down your salary.

In your first two years of working as a salaried designer you should expect to earn between $35,000 and $48,000 per year. After you gain experience, you can average between $40,000 and $55,000 per year. If you ever want to become your own boss, the interior designer salary may go up to as high as $81,000. Make sure you research realistic salaries in your area online and apply to the firms who are known to pay the best.

Salary $28,755 – $57,925
Bonus $199.80 – $5,090
Profit Sharing $221.10 – $4,125
Commission $489.40 – $29,190
Total Pay $26,910 – $63,715

Wage of an Interior Designer by Experience:

Experience Annual Pay Hourly Pay
Less than 1 year $25,210 – $50,025 $9.70 – $20.75
1-4 years $27,430 – $49,665 $10.25 – $25.40
5-9 years $31,525 – $59,105 $12.25 – $40.40
10-19 years $30,285 – $69,765 $14.30 – $79.50
20 years or more $29,630 – $98,900 $15.35 – $101.65

Wage of an Interior Designer by City:

City Annual Pay Hourly Pay
New York, New York $34,795 – $63,960   $11.85 – $76.05
Chicago, Illinois $30,935 – $53,310   $9.95 – $25.45
San Francisco, California $35,240 – $66,765   $13.30 – $75.55
Atlanta, Georgia $27,535 – $57,795


Washington, District of Columbia $38,005 – $62,250


Los Angeles, California $29,920 – $68,970  $11.95 – $83.20
Seattle, Washington $34,515 – $60,365 $14.45 – $74.80

Wage of an Interior Designer by State:

State Annual Pay Hourly Pay
California $30,325 – $68,345 $13.10 – $65.45
New York $31,585 – $65,110 $11.75 – $75.55
Texas $29,980 – $52,690 $10.25 – $72.30
Illinois $29,580 – $52,315 $10.05 – $35.80
Florida $26,760 – $61,775


Georgia $26,800 – $57,560


Pennsylvania $25,565 – $52,355 $11.85 – $25.45

Wage of an Interior Designer by Certification:

Certification Annual Pay Hourly Pay
National Council of Interior Design Qualification $32,390 – $58,185 $15.15 – $30.05
LEED Accredited Professional $32,925 – $58,855 $12.65 – $30.95 – AutoCAD 2000 $27,045 – $62,125 $10.40 – $48.50
Cisco Certified Design Associate $20,515 – $50,900 $9.85 – $82.55

Wage of an Interior Designer by Skill or Specialty:

Skill or Specialty Annual Pay Hourly Pay
AutoCAD $29,855 – $54,840 $11.80 – $25.60
Adobe Photoshop $31,865 – $57,570 $11.75 – $26.05
Autodesk Revit Architecture $33,335 – $57,485 $10.05 – $26.80
Computer Aided Drafting & Design $24,330 – $51,065 $11.20 – $49.35
Computer Aided Design (CAD) $22,150 – $58,935 $10.20 – $19.30
Design $27,925 – $82,435


Project Management $30,005 – $74,005 $16.50 – $25.30
Microsoft Office $29,955 – $57,345


3D Rendering $25,005 – $38,445


Adobe Illustrator $35,610 – $47,175


Wage of an Interior Designer by Industry:

Industry Annual Pay Hourly Pay
Interior Design $27,945 – $59,360 $10.30 – $77.00
Architecture $30,725 – $58,785 $13.20 – $28.05
Office Furniture $29,380 – $50,115 $13.40 – $29.60
Architectural and Engineering Services $33,015 – $56,170 $13.85 – $35.65
Furniture, Home Furnishings $19,345 – $43,215 $9.80 – $75.30
Residential Home Construction $20,405 – $52,250 $13.10 – $44.75
Retail $26,535 – $60,400 $10.50 – $24.25

Wage of an Interior Designer by Employer Type:

Employer Type Annual Pay Hourly Pay
Company $29,135 – $57,490 $10.55 – $25.30
Private Practice/Firm $28,390 – $56,070 $11.80 – $30.55
Self-Employed $20,230 – $105,006 $14.80 – $100.70
Other Organization $28,605 – $55,645 $10.10 – $74.55
Contract $9,805 – $97,875 $14.95 – $50.35
College / University $24,515 – $97,875


Government – State & Local $28,090 – $105,705


Franchise $29,035 – $43,750 $8.85 – $14.40

Wage of an Interior Designer by Benefit or Perk:

Benefit or Perk Annual Pay Hourly Pay
401(k) $30,275 – $58,785 $12.30 – $25.25
Paid Holidays / Vacation $29,675 – $57,955 $12.75 – $25.55
Paid Sick Leave $29,640 – $57,470 $12.70 – $25.90
Life Insurance/Disability $30,260 – $59,850 $12.50 – $25.45
Casual Dress/Atmosphere $30,750 – $58,440 $11.90 – $28.75
Flex-Time / Flexible Schedule $30,090 – $55,610 $12.05 – $29.95
Education/Training/Tuition $32,010 – $60,840



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Administrative Assistant Salary Reviews and Job Description

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 Administrative Assistant Salary Reviews and Job Description

Business executives or managers who have a heavy workload usually require someone to help them with routine and administrative tasks. An Administrative Assistant performs these supporting tasks, which though peripheral to the main job are nevertheless crucial to its successful completion.

Administrative assistant job description includes planning and scheduling, such as managing the executive’s calendar and meeting agenda and setting up appointments, while others are administrative or clerical in nature such as creating a filing system and maintaining it, taking dictation, faxing, photocopying, dispatching mail, ordering office supplies etc. Some tasks are performed on behalf of the executive, such as attending meetings, screening phone calls and mail, sending emails, anticipating what will be required for meetings or seminars and accumulating these, gathering research information, drafting letters or editing them, making hotel and flight bookings etc. Assistants also put together reports and budgets or create presentations based on guidelines given by the executive. Experienced individuals may also be required to train lower level clerical staff or help new employees get acquainted with the organization.

This position can be found across industries though popular sectors include education, financial services, manufacturing and distribution, construction and law firms. While job duties are generally the same, they may differ slightly in a few areas, depending on the position. For example, an assistant at a research project, in addition to the above might also monitor the research budget, while an Administrative Assistant to a school principal might also be required to coordinate events like field trips and graduation ceremonies. Some individuals freelance as virtual assistants and work from home over the internet, phone and fax to provide administrative support to clients.

An assistant must be highly organized; able to prioritize a list of tasks and effectively manage his/her time to complete all responsibilities within a given time frame. While good language, grammar and typing skills are important, so is the ability to communicate well in person or over the phone with a variety of people, in a professional manner. Practical experience in using the Microsoft Office suite is also essential. Discretion is another highly valued element in an Administrative Assistant’s job description, as confidential information often passes through his or her hands.

To fill an Administrative Assistant’s job description, a high school diploma will suffice; some organizations prefer the candidate to have a Bachelor’s degree in a business related field. Experience requirements vary depending on the exact specifications of the job. Certifications such as Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) are beneficial while applying for a job.

Common benefits offered to people in this position include medical and dental insurance, paid sick leave and time off, 401(k), training or education reimbursement and life or disability insurance. However salaries and benefits can vary depending on the size of the company, the experience of the candidate and the scope of the available position. As far as job outlook is concerned, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that job opportunities for this profession will grow by 9% from 2006 to 2016.

Salary Reviews

Whenever the individual will have the opportunity to enter the administrative field, then they will have the chance to attain the knowledge of the business as well as corporation.Later they will have the opportunities in the same organization and they will gain training that is related to that particular organization. After attaining sufficient knowledge, they can move to other company to attain much better position.

The career goal of the administrative assistant should be to make the staff members happy with the good quality of service, maintaining the office work in efficient manner. To obtain this goal, the individual should have good communication skills, education and strategic planning. If you want to earn good amount of salary in this position then you should fulfill all the requirements of the organization. The salary of the administrative assistant will depend upon the company, experience, education and other training courses that are obtained. The salary also varies depending upon the type of the administrative assistants. The average salary of the general administrative assistants will be $35,020 to $40,100 per annum.  The executive administrative assistants will gain higher wages when compared to the general assistants. The salary range will be $42,120 to $65,030 per year.

The following table gives the details of the Administrative assistant with the bonus and overtime details:


Annual Hourly rate
Salary $9.90 $19.30
Bonus $102.75 $3,090
Overtime $14.45 $30.15
Profit $388.80 $4,980
Total Pay $21,100 $44,630


The salary also varies according to the experience of the individual. If you have high experience then you will obtain higher knowledge and skills, this will make you to draw higher salaries. The table below summarizes the details according to the experience:

Years of Experience Salary Range
< 1 year $19,950 $40,600
1-4 years $21,865 $41,540
5-9 years $23,870 $47,270
10-19 years $24,960 $50,940
>20 years $25,520 $55,310


The salary mainly depends upon the type of industry the individual has chosen. Different industries offer different salary ranges. According to the pay scale, the Law administrative assistants earn higher salaries when compared with the other industries. The administrative assistants working for the educational institutions may have lesser salaries.Let us see the details in the table below:

Industry Salary range

Law firms



Healthcare services



Financial Departments






Insurance sectors







The location of work also influences the salary of the administrative assistants. The administrative assistant in the New York state earns higher salaries when compared with the other states. Florida is the state the offers lesser salaries to the administrative assistants. Let us see the details in the following table:


States Average Annual Salary







New York
















According to the BLS report, the average salaries of the executive administrative assistants are $50,020. The 10th percentile will earns $38,950 and the 90th percentile will earns around $62,140. Thus, we can determine that the average salty of an administrative assistant will vary according to the location, industry, education and experience of an individual.

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Biochemist Salary – The Average Salary of Clinical Biochemist and Job description

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Biochemist Job Description

Biochemist Job Description How to Become a Biochemist Biochemist Salary   The Average Salary of Clinical Biochemist and Job description

Biochemist Job Description – How to Become a Biochemist

A biochemist is a scientist who is involved in studying and the chemistry of living creatures.  Biochemist immerse themselves into a world that is surrounded by figuring out how the body works, what certain various systems in a human body do and how they work.  Biochemist are constantly studying and analyzing what chemical reactions and combinations are happening in a persons body and what they do.  Many biochemist are moving toward the field of vitro research. In Vitro research deals with babies and the reproduction process in females and males.  This is a huge field now, especially for biochemist. Biochemist will be found observing, alalyzing, experimenting and identifying how things are work and what is or is not succesful.

The bulk of a biochemsist job is research. They are constantly researching what they are finding and writning detaile descriptions of what happened.  Most biochemist will tell you that this fied of study if mainly seventy five percent of research both applied and basic.  Applied research actually takes waht you have found and it applies it to the factors that it affects. For instance if you are working on research for agriculture, medical, vetinary or marine life, then you would apply your findings to those specific areas.  Basic reseach is essentially gather all the materials that oyu would need to then therefore apply them.

Many biochemists will work in labratories all throughout the country or the world.  There are many institituions, schools, colleges, medical facilities and more that employ biochemists all the time. Depending on where you work, what you are doing and how long you will be there will depend on what you are looking at making in salary and in grants. Many biochemists are more interested in how much they will be granted by their job to conduct the research they will need to figure out the next big thing.  Biochemists and scientists in genearl are always fighting for more funding. To conduct the experiments that they conduct and do the things that they do, takes time, money and stamina.

Typically the normal workday for a biochemist will include duties around the lab, making sure all the instruments, weights and surfaces are clean, orderly and working properly. You will also find that they will be making sure that everything is sanitary and in the right order.  They will make sure that everything has been dried off, cultured, filtered, weighed, measured and much more.


biochemist salary education Biochemist Salary   The Average Salary of Clinical Biochemist and Job description

biochemistry job description

To become a biochemist will require a degree in biochemistry, chemistry or some other related science.  That is the minimum requirement to work in any kind of scientific field or labratory in America.  You will find that many biochemist or scientist in general will have a doctorate and if they do not have that they are working towards one.  You will find that most of the people in the field of science took all science classes offered in their college or university.  This would entail classes such as chemistry, biology, physics, and other science classes such as botany, anatomy, anthroplogy and others.  For biochemist specififcally you will find that they took mainly chemistry classes along with biochemistry and organic chemistry.

What is the Starting Salary for a Job in Biochemistry?

There are numerous factors that affect how much a biochemist earns. For this reason, you cannot pinpoint the exact biochemistry salary. The starting  salary for a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry or related life sciences is about $34,950 a year. This is an average set out by the US Department of Labor. This is the blanket figure for the discipline as a whole. However there are other variables that affect the starting pay of biochemists that are not considered in this figure. These include variables like area of specialty, job duties and the employer type.

0 Biochemist Salary   The Average Salary of Clinical Biochemist and Job description

The starting biochemistry salary as per the employer is $25,000 per year in a private foundation. Those working for the state and local government may have a higher salary of $43,000. Biochemistry professionals in hospitals may earn even much higher than this. Those who are self employed or work as consultants may take home up to about $70,000. Like any other profession, the starting salary of a biochemist with a bachelor’s degree is always low but may increase with time.

What Other Factors Affect Actuarial Salaries?

Another factor that affects the salary is the type of specialty you decide to choose. Those who specialize in teaching are usually at the lower end of the pay scale. They earn something between $30,000 and $40,000. If a biochemist decides to specialize in research and development, biotechnology or clinical laboratories earn a much higher biochemistry salary of between $45,000 and $55,000 annually.

Biochemist Salary Biochemist Salary   The Average Salary of Clinical Biochemist and Job description

Biochemist Salary

The level of education will determine how much your salary is going to be. The salary of a person with a PhD in biochemistry may double that of a person with a bachelor’s degree in the same field. A master’s degree will also earn you a significant jump on the pay roll since you can take up managerial positions with this level of education. The overall biochemistry salary ranges from as low as $20,000 and to as high as $110,000.

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Clinical Psychology Salary: How Much Do Clinical Psychologists Make Money?

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How Much Do Clinical Psychologists Make Money?


Psychology has been the dominant new medical science of the past two centuries and of the current one. People are more aware than ever of the different states of mind which they go through on a daily basis, and we are more sensitive than ever to  Clinical Psychology Salary: How Much Do Clinical Psychologists Make Money?concepts like stress, mental illness, and depression, and thus clinical psychology jobs have become more and more necessary. A clinical psychologist salary varies greatly along lines of experience, qualification, where you are employed, and what your field is. While being a clinical psychologist can be difficult and stressful as you spend a large portion of your day hearing other people’s problems and traumas, in most cases, the clinical psychologist salary is pretty comfortable, averaging at a bit over seventy five thousand dollars per year ($75,000). Also, it can be extremely fulfilling and Read More

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Computer Technician Salary and Job Description

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This is the kind of occupation that has strong opportunities in the job market and could offer a nice computer technician salary package. Before you decide to give it a go, take your time to learn about this challenging bur rewarding career.  So what exactly a computer technician does?
In short, computer technicians solve problems associated with the computers. They use diagnostic programs and special equipment to troubleshoot and diagnose computer related problems. A computer technician should be able to answer customer’s questions and install important software. Read More
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Financial Advisor Salary and his Duties

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Financial advisor’s salary doesn’t come easy – strong planning skills are a must. But what exactly this job is all about? In short, it is about doing what others don’t want to or can’t do: figure out how to manage their finances (think money). At the end of the day this job is an appealing one. You can become your own boss and work the hours you want, work anywhere you want and have as many clients as you’d like.
But don’t be naive about how much planning and hard work is involved in order to succeed. The road from training to certification and to the development of a client base is not an easy one and will require a number of steps to take.
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Diesel Mechanic Salary and Tips How to Become Great Specialist

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A diesel mechanic, or also known as diesel technician is responsible for inspection, maintenance and repairs of diesel engines for both land and water vehicles. Working on such heavy vehicles and mobile equipment like bulldozers, road graders and cranes, farm tractors and combines fall into the capable hands of diesel technicians.

Diesel mechanics must be really flexible: one day a technician might start working on a vehicle’s electrical system and switch over to doing a major engine repair the next. And since more electronic components are being used to control engine operation, technicians must stay on top by continually learning about new technologies and advanced functions.

Technicians may be working in a team or be assisted by a helper or an apprentice when doing heavy work while removing engines or transmissions.

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Radiology Technician Salary and Job Description

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What exactly is the prime role of an X-ray technician? The main task is to use high tech diagnostic imaging equipment for the purpose of assisting physicians and other professionals to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. There are different types of cutting-edge imaging equipment that technicians work with: X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s and positron emission tomography (PET) – just to name the few.

Radiologists ready their patients by explaining how the procedure works and what to expect. Although X-ray technicians are not as visible as other professionals, yet their role is very important in the medical field. And just like other professionals in the medical field, radiology technician job requires great skill and expertise.

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